About FanCompass

Our shared mission is to ensure a thriving, sustainable "business of sport" for generations to come.

The visionary story began with an idea inspired by a passion for sports and a penchant for technology in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It started with a digital fan engagement and CRM strategy that was piloted by a handful of innovative major league sports teams.  The success of these programs led to building our first engagement product which launched in 2009 as GAGA Sports, aptly named to describe the strong emotion a fan feels for their favorite team.  Fast forwarding to today’s sports market, fan engagement is only the beginning.   To build a sustainable business, clubs must go beyond to monetize every aspect of the fan experience.  This understanding led GAGA Sports to relaunch as FanCompass in 2016 with one singular mission: convert fan engagement into revenue.  

The FanCompass Sports Revenue Platform™ is a native, white-labeled technology that attracts and collects global fan data, generates sales leads and provides unlimited digital sponsorship opportunities to maximize revenue for rights holders.  We call it Digital Fan Monetization.  Not only does the proprietary technology help clubs navigate the increasingly complex process of creating successful online fan experiences, but teams can now convert those experiences into revenue across their organization.

With a mission to ensure a thriving, sustainable "business of sport" for generations to come, FanCompass currently works with teams in 9 professional leagues from across the globe and is translated into more than 15 languages.  In the words of one US team owner, “I give FanCompass a dime, they give me a dollar. I will do those types of deals all day long.”


FanCompass is charting new territory
in digital fan monetization


 Our Technology

Seamless Data Integration

We are able to share data collected via the platform in real-time to our teams database with a fully customizable API tool kit

Mobile Ready

Platforms come mobile ready for fans to use/access at any time

360° Fan Profiles

Through additional questions we are able to learn more about the fan over time

Sponsor Activation

Through our easy to use tools, campaigns can be customized for sponsors within minutes

Social Amplification

Using gaming mechanics, the Amplifier™ Product allows us to measure and track who your biggest influencers are in driving new sign-ups and registrations


We have the ability to activate any campaign in any language the team wants. We also have the ability to geo-target campaigns for specific regions