Charting New Territory in Digital Sponsored Fan Engagement


FanCompass is the premier digital destination for sponsored fan engagement.  Our platform seamlessly integrates into your tech stack, powering a suite of engagement products on your website to attract fans and brand sponsors alike.  You ultimately build out a robust fan database, generate quality fan sales leads, and enjoy infinite digital sponsorship inventory to achieve maximum ROI for all involved.



Attract your fans like never before!  FanCompass best practices & proven content strategies and engagement products entice fans to register, interact and share on social networks, capturing insightful data on the back end to build out a 360° profile fan database.


Our digital destination provides brand partners with the meaningful fan interactions they demand.  With infinite digital inventory, you can activate your current sponsors and entertain new opt-in revenue opportunities cultivated across the FanCompass global asset network by our expert in-house digital sales team.


 Data collection that never sleeps.  FanCompass builds up your database, completes your fan profiles to feed your CRM.  Marketing intelligence, audience segmentations, opt-in ticketing leads and new data sharing opportunities with sponsors and partners.