“We Give FanCompass a Dime, They Give Us a Dollar.” 

At the heart of FanCompass is our proprietary digital platform that ultimately drives ROI by collecting 1st party fan data for sports properties.  FanCompass is the only 24/7/365 data acquisition provider focused solely on sports that feeds new fan data into your database and fills data gaps with progressive data collection while generating qualified ticket leads that are proven to convert. 

Unlimited revenue streams for one monthly fee, that is ROI. But don’t just take our word for it, let our customers explain.



Sports property website traffic is down like never before and it is imperative to reverse the trend!  The FanCompass proven content library drives fans into your native database, converting them from anonymous likes and followers on social media.  The promotional and gamified enter-to-win campaigns, polls, trivia, and more can live alone or be integrated into the navigation on your website, keeping your online presence fresh and drive strong repeat visits. 


Brands love the digital engagement and lead generation at a click, properties love how the platform pays for itself!  Upsell current sponsors, monetize prospects and access our Global Asset Network.  Our in-house digital sales team will share new revenue streams on an opt-in basis and provide expertise on digital rate cards.  Unlimited activations plus the opportunity to participate in new revenue streams basically pays back the initial fee!


 Global data collection never sleeps.  Unlike data forms, fans register only once driving repeat engagement and more data capture with each interaction.  Progressive data collection fills gaps in fan profiles, and admin tools allow real-time access to reporting and query modules.  Our open API technology makes for ease of integration with CRM platforms both big and small, as well as with   Single Sign-On solution providers.